Get a head start and stay organized with our helpful office moving tips!

Office Moving Guide

Plan your office move effectively so you can save time, save money, and have a hassle free move.

Plan Your Move Early
  • Start planning your move early. Moving to a new office usually requires a good amount of organisation, and time.
  • Designate a person to be in charge of the move, and create an itemized list of items to be moved, and tasks to be completed.
  • If your office is in a multi level building with lift access, the body corporate may have restricted moving times. Talk to your building manager to reserve a lift, so your load and unload can run as efficiently as possible.
  • Check with the buildings about any other requirements (each office building is unique). The building may limit the amount of time you can park at the loading dock, require that floors be covered or protected, and that elevators are reserved in advance.
  • Many buildings in Melbourne CBD or built up areas do not have sufficient parking facilities for the move to be convenient for you and us. For this reason loading and unloading can take much longer. Reserve a spot free for us where possible. Talk to your neighbours to see if we can use one of their spots, or put some bins out overnight.
  • If you own things your company no longer needs, now is the perfect time to declutter. Organise items you can donate to charity, give away, sell, or throw away.
Notify Your Customers and Suppliers

Determine what printed materials such as business cards, envelopes, and stationary will require address changes. Update emails, and your website. Publish a blog post outlining the address of where you are moving to and how your suppliers, clients, and customers can find you. Inform your partners, creditors, and the post office about your move.

  • Don't save all of your packing for the day before you move!
  • Never pack more than you can lift. Pack heavy items such as papers, books, magazines, and CDs into into archive boxes.
  • Cover glass and mirrors in bubblewrap, cardboard and blankets.
  • Cover TV screens and monitors in cardboard, bubblewrap and blankets.
  • Tape all boxes, top and bottom
  • Wrap all pot plant bases in garbage or plastic bags.
  • Tape cords of all electrical appliances and equipment.
  • Remove dust and loose items from the tops of your furniture as it can be a hazard to your movers!
  • Label boxes so we can unload them where they belong at your new office.
Moving Day
  • Stack all like items you can lift — boxes, cartons, and smaller items in a single area.
  • Clear a path to your front door.
  • Make sure that doors and drawers of your furniture are securely shut.

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